Exhaust pipe sound

The exhaust pipe sound are trying to sale at the end of 2015, Model Number: 73, because of like the exhaust pipe, so to be named of Pipe Sound.

From trial production to present, nearly one year's time, the accumulative total sales more than 4500 pieces. And the main sales areas, including Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Egypt, Brazil and so on.

The function of the exhaust pipe sound contains the plating-color, FM, Bluetooth, simulation of the sound and so on, was deeply loved by the masses of users and the fans!

product description

Brand name

exhaust pipe sound

Product weight


Model number


Product standard




Whole gross weight


Music Power


All specifications



18 sets/pieces

Loudspeaker size

3       inches*2

一、            Insight into the exhaust pipe sound

1         Usage:

This exhaust pipe sound designed specially for motorcycles and electric cars. Both appearance and function are designed by two car models.

2         Installation

This exhaust pipe sound is small and flexible, can be installed in the motorcycles, electric cars and tricycle motorcycle,and installed directly fixed on the type of the car which leaves factory with special stainless steel stents.

3         USB

Enable directly playing the TF card (U disk/ Bluetooth) etc., and can be customized FM function.

4         Security

Take high quality raw materials and process production each layer. Seven working procedure to control strictly , from raw material selection to processing production, QC audition test, 72 hours ageing test processes and so on, firmly only do high quality productions.

5         Three major features ofgood

Feature 1Using high quality materials manufacturing

Gun barrel is cutting and making by fine steel, so not only exhaust pipe sound has good-looking appearance, but also strong metal texture. Gun body of metal stainless steel has the weak corrosive medium advantage, such as air, steam, water resistance, and chemical etching medium, flame retardant advantage such as acid, alkali, salt and so on. To be both safe and beautiful.

Feature 2Color-plating technology

Produce a layer of color film on metal surface with chemical method, forming a variety of different colors. Simple sense is stronger, the lighting of stereo as the music beating, and gun barrel foil each other.

Feature 3 Simulate sports car chip

Successful development of the analog chips opens the new pattern of stereo. After installation on analog chips, ordinary motorcycles, electric cars, toy car all can realize the simulation of the sports car (for example, Lamborghini, F1, four-cylinder Honda, Harley)

After the stereo transforms to the simulation function, through the handlebar acceleration and deceleration, the simulation effect of the sports car can be realized. ( motorcycles and electric cars can be open as the car!)