Technical innovation of the tire sound

The birth of tire sound--October 1, 2014

After three months of development, with the development team of Guangzhou Kaimei Electronics Co. ,Ltd .a new sound was successfully developed, because it looks like the tire,so it called Tire Sound (Model:84T).

Add the radio Function—October 14,2014

With the application of 84T, the MP3 function can’t meet the Market demand,as the requirements of the Customers. Under the efforts of development team, the tire sound add the radiao functionality.

Model: 84T-FM, Full name: radio tire sound (infrared remote control version).

Add wireless remote control function—November 14, 2014

For the first time development, Tire audio used the infrared remote to control. Infrared remote control refers to the point of remote control, which have the drawbacks. In order to solve this drawback, the development team adopted another kind of remote to control,which called wireless remote control.The picture as follow

Model: 84T⊕,Full Name: Wireless remote control tire sound

Add the Bluetooth function--October 22, 2015

With the progress of time, motorcycles, electric car audio enthusiasts are the mostly dominated by the young, the requirements of function is getting higher and higher. So the function with Bluetooth become more fashional. The remote control program with the original basis can not convers the special function of Bluetooth. So our team develop a Specifically remote control,which can support to the Bluetooth function.

A whole innovation again with the Tire Sound--December 21, 2016

The function of tire sound default is the Bluetooth / FM, using the wireless remote control before. But now, the bluetooth and FM functions completely together, using wireless remote control program to solve the shortcomings of infrared remote control point.

Model: 84T-FM-L Full name: Bluetooth radio tire sound (wireless remote control version)