Personal opinion of motorcycle audio7

Is installed on the motorcycle sound, it is a way to enjoy, also is a kind of happiness of modern young people's creation.

motorcycle audio system refitting the level and quality and is directly related to a person's accomplishment! Modified motorcycle acoustics, make a cold machine has the meaning of life!

Of course, the best volume can satisfy his ride. In addition to the volume, the best choose to compare slow songs, because too loud or too fierce music no cycling attention and safety, as well as harass passers-by or nearby residents. Behind the people at the very least will not make the masses joke, criticism.

Install sound in the motorcycle, appearance is not sound box size, the more the greater the domineering, also not emphasize super bass or super power subwoofer is effect is good,we should know what kind of environment in cycling as a kind of sound.

Don't just want to super quality, we also want to learn to fully consider good to what kind of sound, as long as there is music, as long as the music can satisfy the sense of hearing is good while driving.

On-board music, best to put time in stop state, or a personal travel in other cities to travel, it makes you feel a lonely alone enjoy happiness. Install motorcycle sound not only for the purpose of the face and to show off.

Bumper friend without installation, can consider in the gap between the front suspension and fuel tank placed round long barrel speakers, more beautiful, more close to the driver, the volume is more intrusive or not easy, if simply travel or short, light horn speaker, can use the net belt fixed in the back seat cushions, and fast.

Now in the market a lot of new type of motorcycle horn, believe there must be one you like.

When we meditate, loneliness, the car can accompany, but the car can't talk. With cars and the music, that is a very enjoy.

And now there are a lot of bashing motorcycle install audio comments, but we want to split in two to analyze this problem, maybe some people will because they do not have the conditions or environment in acoustics, so nonsense. As a hobby motorcycle audio's friends should not be affected by his words.

According to some survey data show that now play in the play the motorcycle abroad than domestic motorcycle, and play longer than domestic, but that they would make the sky, in all sorts of people blame or complain from time to time.

As the domestic friends, we should also improve our enjoy consciousness, more reasonable use of motorcycle sound.