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Guangzhou Kaimei Electronics Co. Ltd. is a professional electronic products manufacturer, engaged integrally in R & D, production, sales of anti-theft types of audio devices, and automobile, motorcycle and portable audio devices as well. Our products have been sold in a wide range to the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and other countries or regions around the globe.

Our company is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, with 3500 square meters of factory buildings, a completely independent R & D team, adequate logistics workforce and convenient port transportation system accessible to any corner on the earth. More importantly, our company has passed muster to obtain necessary certificates like ISO Quality Management System Accreditation, European CE Accreditation and RoHS certification.

Our company not only provides clients with quality products but also high-quality services, such as consultancy on technology innovation, product design, high efficient product output, etc. Suffice it enough to say that KMDZ consistently adheres to such principles to be more professional, attentive and responsible and fully committed to production and technology innovation of all audio products. Therefore, KMDZ enjoys a great reputation from our clients and consumers both at home and abroad.

Company History

Guangzhou kai mei electronics factory was established in 2002. Cameron sound under light kaimei electronics factory, focus on motorcycle audio products manufacturing, audio series electronic products research and development, design, sales as one, with the hand a number of motorcycle sound of national patents, is the domestic motorcycle audio industry pioneer.

The company's total site is located in baiyun district, guangzhou city logistics, express delivery, l inear to southeast Asian countries and the Middle East.

The company has the first-class research and development team, deep sound field, to product performance by many customers.

Company focused on the acceptance and research and development of new products to new materials and new devices, new technology, new idea made a domestic and international advanced level of audio, power amplifier, subwoofer, horn, high seed, such as specifications, and peripheral products, is the earliest engaged in motorcycle audio products manufacturing enterprises. At present, the company has concluded partnership in many famous factory, can according to customer request production of the truck, special models of foreign trade, welcome OEM!

Company Culture

Enterprise culture activities -- -- -- -- -- - happy hiking

Guangzhou Kaimei electronics factory (Baiyun mountain trip)

The company organization management staff after the lunar New Year "the journey of the communication and cooperation", after a week of preparation, we started...

Baiyun mountain tour. At 7 o 'clock in the morning, colleagues are gathered in the courtyard, their respective ready yourself, get everything ready for the challenges of today.

Today there are climbing competition and other recreational activities, everyone is looking forward to.

As far as I'm a very special team, carrying a lot of climbing package, felt like a very professional team. Everyone to bring the rich have bought food, set off on time, when the vehicles are driven in Guangzhou city is always the starting and stopping, alas! I think the mountain not traffic jam again. Finally arrived at the foot of Baiyun mountain.


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